Recipe Review: Bon Appetit's Lemon Oregano Aioli

I love to cook but I really only get the chance to take on new recipes on the weekends. With my husband away on business tonight, it gave me the perfect chance to whip up something I've had my eye on for a few days.

Bon Appetit's June issue has an amazing feature on mix-and-match summer entertaining menus. It's full of great ideas but the one I wanted to test first was the Roasted Asparagus and Baby Artichokes with Lemon-Oregano Aioli. (I opted to nix the asparagus.)

Aioli is a creamy, garlicky mayonnaise and one of my favorite dips. I love how this recipe added fresh oregano and lemon juice into the mix. Somehow cooking with fresh ingredients just makes everything taste better and brighter and this one certainly did.

If you try this recipe, and I highly recommend you do so for your next summer dinner party or girls lunch, I would cut back to maybe 3/4 cup of mayo instead of just one. This had a little too much mayo for me. And be sure to taste it as you whisk the aioli, you may want more lemon juice, salt, pepper, etc. And finally, you must use fresh oregano...dried just won't do here!

Click here for the full recipe...enjoy!


D&D said...

i'll try this!
and by "i'll" i mean lobsterman. ha.

Design Candy said...

hahahahaha! Poor lobsterman! :) But he'll totally enjoy it!