In the Garden

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to spruce up your yard, think gardening.

For my May column in LI Pulse, I spoke with celebrity Hamptons designer Kenny Davis (who designed the apartment Paris Hilton lived in while filming Paris Hilton’s My New BFF) about how to make the most of your home by creating a "garden room." I loved his idea of setting up something as simple has bench and gorgeous flowers to create a peaceful retreat.

Kenny also spent a lot of time talking about making the most of where you live and for us, that means Long Island. Hydrangeas are one of his favorite flowers, and mine too....plus, they grow well here.

My interview with him inspired me to plant a trio of colorful hydrangea bushes in our yard next to the boring shed we have) So about a month ago my hubby and I got to it...digging up grass and planting three bushes. Look how they started out in April...

Now they are really growing nicely, even with the rocky, sandy dirt we have going on here on Long Island (oops, gotta get those weeds back there!):

We're hoping to add some flowers in between for a little extra color until the bushes bloom this summer...oh, and yes, we will be getting rid of the bricks too...I'm thinking of swapping them out for a short white fence like this. But for now, we're using them to keep critters away

How about you? Do you enjoy gardening? What were or are your summer projects?

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