Anna Sui's Butterfly Shopping Spree

Catching up on the New York Times today, I happily came across this "Shopping With Anna Sui" feature - all about the talented designer shopping for furnishings bespeckled with butterflies! I am drooling over every photo.

If you need a little shot of happy spring today, go check out the story at nytimes.com. For now, here are a few of favorites from her picks:

I adore the whimsical Niagra Chandelier from Lladro? I found it for sale over at Unica home for a mere...$60,000!!

The John Derian Butterfly cache pot Anna also choose stole my heart. I am bummed because it is temporarily unavailable..I'll have to keep my eye out! I am also bummed because I missed meeting him at an event earlier this week. I met him a couple of years ago when he first launched his line at Target and he was just such a gentleman, so wonderful and inspring to talk to! Perhaps I will run into him again one day.

Finally something I will be purchasing (thanks for the scoop, Anna!)...this beautiful linen foil printed pillow cover from Patch NYC for West Elm. At $34, it is such a steal, I may have to buy two!

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