Weekend Crafts: Clothespins

I'm working on a summer craft story for a client this week (will let you know when it is ready)and this quick project was inspired by it.

I had a bunch of plain wooden clothespins lying around and decided to turn them into festive place card holders...

Now, this project has absolutely made it's way around the blogosphere, but I felt like sharing my version with you all!

Simply cut a piece of leftover wrapping paper or scrapbook paper to fit each side of the clothespin. You can either cover the entire side or cut the piece into two (as I did) to exactly match up where the little spring is...

Then, just glue it on! I used Mod Podge so that I can give it a protective coating however, you can use a basic glue stick as well.

THAT'S IT! How fun is that? I decided to stand my clothespin up and slip in a little place card holder (I stamped an initial and added a little coconut cocktail sticker).
It's a great project to do while watching some of your favorite shows...oh, like, maybe The Real Housewives of NYC or Glee...:)

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