Home, Around the World...

Hello friends! I wanted to share two fantastic interviews I did for this month's LI Pulse magazine! How chic is this cover? Loving it!

The first is "Home, Around the World," an article totally devoted to design customs and superstitions from around the globe. I had such fun interviewing so many dear friends for this article, it is worth a read for sure. Aside from the always interesting principles of Feng Shui, I learned that birds and empty bird cages in the home are bad luck in so many cultures...too bad it is such a trend right now!

Then, pop over to read my interview with Mary Nolte of Kaleidoscope Color Consulting to learn the ins and outs of home staging. Have you heard about this popular trend in real estate right now? I'm kind of obsessed with the idea and would love to learn how to do it myself!

Happy Reading!!

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