Projects Inspired by The New York Times

I was reading the NY Times' Home & Garden section online this morning and found lots of inspiration for a few projects this weekend.

First up, this amazing inspiration board that had my heart beating a little faster.

Not only is it a beautiful photo, but such a lovely curated collage of inspiration! I love how neatly everything is displayed using a similar push pin.

Note to self: lose the mis-matched assortment of random pushpins and invest in a prettier, grown-up set like these from The Container Store:

Ok, project number 1 for this weekend is set: create a new inspiration board for my pending spring decorating projects.

Next up? Project #2....create a gallery wall of photos....similar to this one.

How fun. I've been noticing a trend in "gallery" photo displays, I even wrote about them last month and am determined to create my own. I love how this one uses primarily, what looks like vintage papers and other ephemera. Really nice. (Hm, maybe I need a trip to my local antique store this weekend?)

So who does this home belong to? Brooklyn-based architects Robert Highsmith and Stefanie Brechbuehler, who opened up their lovely one-bedroom aparment/workspace to the NY Times for this amazing slideshow. And props to Leigh Davis, who photographed their home so beautifully.

I love being inspired unexpectedly, don't you?!

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