Nonpareil Magazine

Have you read Nonpareil Magazine yet? It's a brand new online mag focused on DIY projects for weddings and other special events. Created by two fellow bloggers / graphic design specialists, this magazine is visually exciting and chock full of great ideas.

I'm in love. You will be too.

My favorite was this centerpiece story, I couldnt' stop smiling while reading it. So many wonderful ideas.
I am all about centerpieces, they are one of my favorite elements to create whether for a birthday party, dinner, holiday or just for fun. I love bringing together pretty, unexpected items to create something beautiful and unique and that's just what these ladies did with their story.

Plus, I love that all of their supplies were budget-friendly. They made their ideas accessible to everyone.

Speaking of centerpieces, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite sources for finding unique, creative supplies. Maybe something will inspire you to create a pretty spring centerpiece:

Save On Crafts - Especially great for floral supplies, you'll find unique items at amazing prices.
Plum Party - My favorite party source, hands down. Great for those little, special touches.
Target - While their online selection is great, I always troll the aisles for sale and seasonal items and their dollar bins!
Tinsel Trading - When in NYC, you must go see this shop! Gorgeous ephemera, vintage ribbons, florals and lots of unique odds and ends.

Take a look, I hope they inspire you the same way!

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