Asian-Inspired Dinner Party

I've been super busy working so I decided to take a break last night and plan a fantasy dinner party.

I have a few gorgeous, colorful Japanese tea tins lying around that I think would be perfect to re-create this lovely photo from Martha Stewart Weddings.

On to cocktails...everyone's favorite part. I think I'll go with deliciously sweet and simple Lychee martinis. For the Lychees, buy them in the can so you get the fruit and its juice...look for them in Asian grocery stores.

I'd also have a few bottles of crisp cold Sake so that I could use this oh-so-chic Sake bottle and matching cups from Crate & Barrel.

Next, some yummy appetizers. Trader Joe's has great selections in their frozen aisle...mini cilantro chicken wontons are delicious, low-cal and easy to prepare. Simply saute for 5 minutes with oil in a frying pan and then steam for 2 minutes. Serve them with a little soy sauce on the side and you're done.

Ok, next I think that I would go for one of my favorite recipes from Real Simple, Soy and Ginger Salmon. It's a quick marinade of low-sodium soy, garlic, honey, ginger and red pepper flakes. Let the salmon marinate for 30 minutes in it and then send the fish under the broiler for about 8-10 minutes. Serve it over white or brown rice with a side of sugar snap peas and you've got yourself an elegant, delicious dinner. It reminds me of the delicious Miso Salmon at The Cheescake Factory (pictured here).

And for dessert...green tea ice cream topped with shredded coconut.

What do you think?

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