I usually spend the first few moments of my "workday" mornings browsing my favorite blogs, web sites and other sources of inspiration. I have to thank Holly over at Decor8 for her post about UK stylist Lucyina Moodie. After reading the post, I quickly jumped on over to Lucyina's web site and was blown away by her portfolio. I fell in love with each and every photo.

Lucyina spent nine years as a contributing stylist for the BBC and its magazine, BBC Good Homes, where she no doubt honed her styling skills. The photos are exquisite, her talent is evident. My favorite are her detail shots. I have posted a few here. I can only imagine the hours spent creating each shot.

What I think I miss most from my days as a full-time magazine editor are the photo shoots. At Q&S we had our own digital studio where we would spend days locked in there, creating beautiful photographs for the magazine and sometimes just for ourselves. We had our own little slice of creative freedom in that NYC studio and I miss it and my lovely coworkers.

Don't get me wrong, a photo shoot takes a ton of work and talent to pull together, but it is worth it when you're left with beautiful shots such as these!

I am truly inspired today to do a little styling of my own this week. I've been writing so much lately that I have not been crafting or styling much professionally, I'm ready to start that up again! A good balance is always needed in life.

If you need a little inspiration today or any day, I highly recommend heading on over to check out Lucyina's portfolio. You'll be happy you did!

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