DIY: Paper Butterfly Napkin Rings

I recently found a pretty bohemian-inspired butterfly-patterned paper at the craft store and decided to transform it into napkin rings. How can you beat spending 40 cents on a sheet of paper that will yield about 8-10 napkin rings?
Aren't these super-cute? It might be hard to tell but the butterfly on top is a pop-up, it looks like it's floating. So fun! Want to learn how to make them? Here's a simple step-by-step guide for you:Here's what you'll need:Step 1:Use pinking shears follow the paper's pattern and cut several 12"L strips of paper. To figure out the width, follow the width of your pattern, mine was about 1"W.Step 2: Each strip can be cut in half, to about 6", that should be long enough to wrap around any rolled napkin. Set them aside.Step 3: Reserve a strip for your "floating butterflies" and use the small paper scissors to cut a bunch out.Step 4: Measure and cut a strip of white cardstock about 3/8"W x 1 3/4"L. Fold the paper accordian style (see below).
Step 5: Add a mini-glue dot to the back of your cut-out butterfly shape and place it on top of one end of the folded paper.Step 6: Use another mini-glue dot to attach the other end of your accordian-folded paper to the center of your napkin ring strip.Step 7: Roll the napkin ring around a rolled napkin and use another mini-glue dot to seal the ends.That's it! Simple, right? Have fun and send me a photo if you make them!

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