Purple, Please!

Searching for inspiration this afternoon, I stopped in my tracks when I came to the Canadian House & Home website (this magazine is a must for design-lovers). Right there on the home page was this gorgeous gallery of purple rooms. Now, I've been known to love red, even turquoise, but when it comes to decorating, purple has my heart.

The collection of photos are so inspiring, a true reflection of what is happening with decorating today. Here, I walk you through my favorite photos and why:

Photo #1: So many great ideas here, where to begin?! I love the use of the soft lilac and grey in the furniture and on the walls. That combo is cool, sophisticated and modern. A perfect complement to the richer purple tone of the sitting chair and all of those amazing pillows! I love each and every one of them, they are a great example of fearless decorating--yes, you can mix-and-match patterns successfully! The trick? Stick with one color family.

Photo #2: I love the bright purple wall in this dining room. A great example of how just one wall painted a bold color can take a room to the next level. It really makes the rest of the room pop. If you took away that color, those fantastic chairs with the golden yellow cushions would not make the same statement. Somehow having that funky purple wall makes them feel like they belong there.

Photo #3: I love this bedroom, it's all about being playful with design. Again, grey (charcoal in this case) is the perfect backdrop when using colorful accessories. Please think about using this color for your next project. Think of it as a "modern neutral." In this room, the charcoal wall makes a statement yet quietly falls in line when its time for the vivid plum bedding and that sunny yellow nightstand to shine.

Thank you Canadian House & Home for sharing these photos! To check out the entire gallery, click here.

All photos from Canadian House&Home.com


Michael Penney said...

Thanks for the post! We're happy people are digging the new House & Home Website! Check our our blog at: http://www.houseandhome.com/blogs/affordable-style

Michael Penney - Assistant Style Editor, House & Home Magazine

LD said...

You're welcome! I've been a fan for a long while, keep up the great, great work!

DS said...

When I redo my house, I think I'll be using some of your resources. Good finds.

LD said...

Thanks, I knew you'd be digging this purple gallery!